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Many people like you are looking to sell their car, either upgrading, selling it for someone in their family, or moving away. We want you to get the most for your car. We are going to outline 3 tips on how to sell your car fast, and for the most amount of money. Lets face it, cars are a depreciating asset, the longer you hold on to it, the more money that was used to buy it, depreciates away. Follow our tips to get the most money for your car.

1. Prepare your car for sale

In Queensland, far and wide, you have to by law, obtain a Safety Certficate, or as those city slickers (Brisbane) call it, a roadworthy, to sell or transfer registration of a motor vehicle. This fulfills your obligation of selling a vehicle that is fit for road, or roadworthy. Once your vehicle has passed and you have your safety certificate, your then ready to move on to step 2.

2. Present your vehicle

  • Have your car professionally detailed. This will ensure who ever comes to potentially buy your car, they will see it in showroom condition.
  •  Have your vehicle serviced. A Serviced vehicle is 4 times more likely to sell than one that isnt.

3. List your vehicle

  • List your vehicle for sale. You can do this on the biggest classifieds online, like or
  •  List your vehicle as the most expensive by at least $500. This should already negate some of the money you have sent on a roadworthy certificate, detail, service etc.
  •  Accept the first offer you received. Lets look at the science, youve listed at the highest price than any other machine the same as yours. Someone has come to view it and has given you a reasonable offer, by a maximum of 15%, you should accept it. It may be close to, or just a little shy of what the most expensive car besides yours listed. So essentially, that person may have seen the second most expensive car, and then yours, they want to buy yours, but for the next vehicles’ down price. Follow this rule, and you’ll get the most for your car.

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