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We do Mobile Roadworthy inspections across Brisbane, however we have the highest pass rate in Windsor, according to our inspection Data.

Windsor has a population of about 7000, which means there are probably about 7000 cars, more or less in the area. With the suburb being in close proximity to the city, residents use their vehicles less than those in outer suburbs.

As a result these vehicles may be over serviced and under driven. When we do mobile roadworthy inspections in Windsor we find that the median age of the vehicles is 7 years old.

Whilst Brisbane City has an accumulation of the newer vehicles, we still have a higher fail rate in the heart of the city.

We could also associate the higher mobile roadworthy pass rate in Windsor to better service departments or mechanics in the area.

Generally mechanics or dealerships identify any roadworthy defects present on a customers vehicle. There are 2 reasons behind this; one, to fulfil their duty of care, and second, for the service managers to meet their monthly quotas and get their bonuses. Overall it’s a win win situation as the car should most likely be kept in a roadworthy condition.

SAB Safety Certificate

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