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Pre Purchase Car Inspection Brisbane

Need a Pre Purchase Car Inspection in Brisbane?

Have it inspected by trusted examiners approved by the Queensland Government.


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Do you need a mobile pre purchase car inspection Brisbane? With over 20,000 car inspections done in Brisbane over the past 8 years, we are one of the best mobile car inspection service providers in Brisbane. With QCAT-appointed vehicle Assessors and Queensland Transport Accredited Vehicle Examiners, your potential purchase shall be in the best hands. We are known for providing professional car pre-purchase inspection in Brisbane at an affordable cost. For mobile car pre purchase inspections Brisbane, call us today at 1800 896 722 or write to us at


Car Interior Inspection

 Electrical Inspection

 Suspension Inspection

 Brakes Inspection

 Engine Inspection

 Drive Line Inspection

 Steering Inspection

 Tyres & Wheels Inspection

  Car Underbody Inspection

 Car Service History

 Road Test (8KM)

 History Check

 Flood Damage Check

 Stolen Check

 Finance Check


Above are the points that we cover when our mobile pre purchase car inspectors, inspect your car.


Whether you are buying your first car or planning on purchasing a used one, the biggest concern should be how safe the car would be? Moreover, you would seek an assurance that it won’t break down after purchase! Minor faults can cost thousands down the track and may be hidden if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Therefore, getting a car inspection done before purchasing a used car in very important and this is where we come to the rescue with best pre-purchase car inspection in Brisbane. Having a professional and affordable Pre Purchase Car Inspection Brisbane is the sole solution to this puzzle. To know in detail what all is included in our pre purchase car inspection service, have a look at the following points –

pre purchase car inspection in brisbane

 QCAT Vehicle Assessor Lead Inspection

 Mobile Service

 Brisbane to Gold Coast

 Written & Verbal Report

 History Check

 Flood Damage Check

 Stolen Check

 Finance Check


Pre Purchase Car Interior Inspection

SAB SAFETY diligently examines all the interior parts and issues a report accordingly.


  Arm rests



  Hood lining

  Steering wheel trim

  Seat belts

  Door locks

  Glove box

  Air vents

  Buttons and Gauges

pre purchase car interior inspection
pre purchase car electrical inspection

Pre Purchase Car Electrical Inspection

The electrical components in the car carry loads of importance, thus they are never overlooked by our fastidious eyes.


  Battery health



  Air con


  Dash light

Pre Purchase Car Suspension Inspection

Suspension saves you from rough bumps and kinetic impacts on the road, any glitch in these parts might prove dangerous. Thus, we never leave any stone unturned while inspecting them.

  Control arms

  Sway bar

  Trailing arm

  Ball joints

  Shock absorbers

  Leaf springs

  Coil springs

pre purchase car suspension inspection
pre purchase car brake inspection

Pre Purchase Car Brake Inspection

Car brakes are susceptible to rusting, corrosion, and fluid leakage. Our super talented team of experts is ever vigilant on this.

  Brake pads

  Brake rotors



  Brake fluid

  Brake booster

  Brake pedal

  Hand brake-brake

Pre Purchase Car Engine Inspection

A poorly functioning engine will fail your vehicle and you alike. We are meticulous in inspecting all engine parts with unfeigned efforts.

  Coolant level and conditon

  Oil level and condition

  Air filter

  Fumes/exhaust smoke




  Belts (excluding timing belt/chain)

  Fuel lines

  Engine noises

  Turbo noise

  Alternator noise

  Valve train noise

Pre Purchase Car Engine Inspection
Pre Purchase Car Driveline Inspection

Pre Purchase Car Driveline Inspection

A smooth sailing driveline without the annoying clonk and stomp is what you deserve while driving, we astutely verify the same for you.


  Transfer case

  Transmisson oil (if not sealed)

  Cv boots

  Cv shafts

  Centre bearing

  Universal joint




Pre Purchase Car Steering Inspection

There can be multiple small issues affecting the smooth functioning of the steering. We inspect every detail of it carefully.

  Tie rods

  Power steering fluid

  Steering rack





Pre Purchase Car Steering Inspection
Pre Purchase Car Tyres and Wheels Inspection

Pre Purchase Car Tyres and Wheels Inspection

To avoid serious accidents, you need to ensure that the health of your wheels and tires is fine. We take charge and verify the same on your behalf.

  Tyre health including tread, wear and brand.

  Rim health, reporting on scrapes and damage.

Pre Purchase Car Underbody Inspection

The underbody of your car gets to absorb maximum shock and has to withstand different kinds of obstacles in terms of road conditions. We verify its performance carefully.



  Cross member

  K Frame

  Tow bar

  Underbody covers


Pre Purchase Car Underbody Inspection
Service History


A close inspection of the vehicle can prove its service history. We carry out meticulous examinations to verify the same.

  Service booklet


  Missed services

  Upcoming services

Pre Purchase Car Road Test 8 KM Inspection

Finally, our expert inspector will conduct a road test to certify the vehicle’s on-road performance

  Cold startup (if possible)

  Engine performance

  Drivetrain operation

  Steering operation

  Suspension performance

  Speedometer accuracy

  Odometer accuracy

  Braking performance

Pre Purchase Car Road Test 8 KM Inspection

car pre-purchase inspection Brisbane is done when a buyer wants to know more about the condition of the car. It reveals any underlying issues that the car might have that are hidden from the naked eyes. As cars can always have issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye or issues that need a minute inspection to be revealed. Thus, it’s always a good idea to have a pre purchase car inspection Brisbane done before you decide to purchase a new or used car.

mobile pre-purchase inspection for car saves you from the added headache of investing in an unfamiliar car with a heartful of suspicion. It further saves you from spending more money on repairs after purchasing the car. It’s as important if not more than a mobile roadworthy certificate which only assesses whether the car is roadworthy or not.


Brisbane pre purchase car inspections are in-depth assessments of the condition of cars. It produces a report that summarizes every detail accurately. It enunciates every condition that a buyer might want to know about that car. It’s conducted by our experienced mobile mechanics who are also Queensland Transport Accredited Car Examiners and is led by our QCAT Appointed Car Assessor. They are well-informed in most makes and models. The real intent behind the inspection is to uncover any defect, underlying issue, cosmetic or mechanical damage, corrosion, etc. Anything that’s out of the ordinary or doesn’t meet the specs, the pre purchase inspection of car will let you know about these and other problems that might occur later on. This will allow you to make a wise decision about purchasing the car.


There is no fixed industry standard, however, our mobile car inspection Brisbane is the most comprehensive and trustworthy option you can look forward to when you are search for a pre purchase inspection for your car in Brisbane. Below we discuss some of the items we check and why:

  Structural Integrity: The Structural Integrity of the car is arguably the most important part of the Car. If the car has a history of past accidents or Heavy damage, Its structural integrity might be compromised. Aging can also compromise the Integrity of the Structure. An old car can accumulate many cracks and fractures over the years. And it’s best for everyone involved to know about this in advance.

  Fluids: A Car Relies on different kinds of Fluids to Run properly, this includes different kinds of oils that help cool and clean the Engine, operates different components based on pressure, and helps everything run smoothly. Some of the most important fluids in a car are:

    • Engine Oil: Engine Oil helps cool and clean the Engine while running, It takes gunk and garbage away from the Engine and gets filtered through the Oil Filter. Synthetic oils also help with keeping the engine clean for a longer time.
    • Brake Fluid: Brake Fluid is used to power the hydraulics while braking; it should be checked if the Fluid is at proper levels, the amount of moisture content or if any leaks in the system.
    • Coolant: The coolant is used in cars to keep the engine from overheating. As coolant loses its potency over time, this should be checked during an Inspection. It should have the right level of Coolant and its concentration should also be tested.
    • Power Steering Fluid: Power Steering uses a Fluid-based system to keep pressure on your Power Steering System So that it’s easier to steer your car. It should also be checked during the inspection. The technician should make sure that it has the correct level of Fluid and there are no visible leaks.

 Safety Features: This is also a very important part of the Inspection. The condition of the Safety Features on a car is directly related to you and the safety of your loved one. If the Safety Features of the car are faulty or won’t activate correctly then it’s something that you should know before buying the car. Although the safety features of the car differ from model to model, some of the common features such as Airbags, Emergency Breaks, Seatbelts, etc. should be working. This is a very important aspect of the Car and must be inspected with utmost importance.

  Electrical and Electronic Systems: All the Electrical Connections, Electronic Components, Systems and Sub-systems that might be controlled through Electronics should be checked thoroughly.

 The Powertrain: The Mechanism that takes the power to the wheels from the Engine. It includes everything from Transmission, Driveshaft, Axles, and Differential. This is the single most important item about your car. The condition of the powertrain can have a huge impact on the longevity of the car and how long will it keep running without any major complications.

  Suspension and Fuel System: The Suspension and Fuel systems are also very important parts of the car. While the Suspension System is usually very durable, Depending on the use case and history of the car it might accumulate some damage over time and the Fuel system is very easy to damage so it should also be checked for any leaks or damage.

Aside from these technical and mechanical aspects, a Brisbane based professional pre purchase car inspector will also check the car’s history and any related damage. When we do a mobile car Inspection in Brisbane, we will thoroughly check if the car has been in an accident, floods, or written off.


Our pre purchase car inspection examiners specialize in gathering, evaluating, and interpreting the results of a detailed car examination. Our inspectors are knowledgeable in most popular car makes and Models. To give you an in-depth evaluation of the car the Inspector himself should have enough knowledge on the car that he knows what to look for during the inspection. Our Inspectors are also Queensland Transport Accredited examiner and are knowledgeable of the rules and regulations of the state. If items don’t meet the minimum safety requirements provided by the Department of Transport then it is deemed a safety defect and the car is not to driven in public roads. This ensures that the car you may purchase will be deemed roadworthy by Queensland Transport and is safe to be driven on the public roads.


It’s standard for the buyer to pay for the mobile car inspections Brisbane. All the detailed information directly helps them make a solid judgment. If something critical is found, either that is addressed immediately or you have time to change your decision of purchasing the car. You have an option to pay in advance however if you don’t want to pay you can always make a deal with the seller to pay for the inspection. It’s totally your call. It doesn’t cost that much for the pre purchase inspection in the first place so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank if you decide to pay for the inspection.

Terms & Conditions – Please Read Carefully

  We do not inspect vehicles older than 15years old.

  We do not remove seat/steering wheel covers, baby seats, dash mats, and/or floor mats.

  For accurate body and panel inspections, its encouraged that the vehicle be presented clean, or recently detailed.

  The mobile vehicle inspections Brisbane report reports the condition of the report at the time of the inspection.

  The inspection is conducted without dismantling any components and is an external visual inspection. Components are evaluated visually and also by noise, performance and operation.

  Road tests may not be completed if the vehicle presents with safety defects. If a road test is completed, it will be limited by speeds in the immediate area, and may not be road tested at highway speeds, therefore some faults may only become apparent at high speeds which we cannot comment on.

  We cannot be held responsible for intermittent faults that weren’t apparent at the time of the inspection, or hidden or concealed defects, that can only be identified if components are dismantled.

  Items which are not able to be commented on hence not checked include:

Oil and fuel consumption

Source of any oil/fluid/coolant leaks

Cylinder Compression

Vehicle electronic system (self park, Lane keeping, etc)

Body water leaks

Odometer reading accuracy

Condition of timing belt/Chain/Cam Belt

Brake components that require dismantling covers or parts to assess

Alignment of front and/or rear wheels

Life expectancy of clutch, flywheel or dual mass flywheels

Quality of radio reception/GPS and speaker sound system

Quality of DPF, catalytic converter, LPG System

Condition of extra or Axillary Batteries

Condition of electric vehicle batteries or charging ports or equipment

Condition of concealed electric motors


1. Is it worth getting a pre purchase inspection Brisbane?

A pre purchase car inspection Brisbane is an all-inclusive condition report of the car prepared by the inspection mechanic. This report informs the probable buyer of exactly what they are purchasing. It is suggested to ask mechanics to check cars before buying any second-hand vehicle.

2. Why should I get a mobile pre purchase inspection Brisbane?

It is imperative to ensure the vehicle you are purchasing is safe and has cleared mobile roadworthy Brisbane before you buy. It is highly rewarding as it includes, but is not limited to, potentially saving you from exorbitant spending in the future.

3. How much does a pre purchase car inspection Brisbane cost?

4. What is included in a pre purchase car inspection Brisbane?

Car pre purchase inspection Brisbane includes, not limited to, checking

  • Engine sound,
  • Fumes, smoke and other engine wear.
  • The battery, alternator and starter motor are functioning correctly.
  • The exterior of the radiator, water pump and hoses for any corrosion or leaks.
  • Test drives to verify the car’s handling, steering and brakes and any odd noises if present.
  • Detailed report about our findings

5. How long do most mobile vehicle inspections take?

A full pre purchase car inspection Brisbane may take anyplace from 1 hour up to numerous hours to get completed.


Experience the finest, most original, and dependable pre purchase car inspection in Brisbane with SAB Safety Certificates and unleash the everlasting ingenuity! For enquiries or booking a mobile car pre purchase inspection Brisbane call us today at 1800 896 722 or write to us at

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