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We often have been told to go for our car inspection and check the tires to ensure they are in good condition.

However, we are never told how long should car tyres last? or how often we should change them. Tires form the part on which our vehicles fleet, and a vehicle is barely a vehicle without tires.

Thus it is quintessential for us to know all about the longevity of tires and ensure they are in good condition. So, now the question is, how long should car tires last? Let’s find out. 

When buying a tire, you can easily get your hands on one that promises to run smoothly on rough roads, is strong, and is durable. True! But do they turn out to be what they promise? You might think spending several pounds will help you get a better, long-lasting tire, but not really, because a tire’s longevity depends on several factors.

Some are driving habits, air pressure, paring, loading, rotation, and temperature.

A tire can generally last 6 to 7 years without being replaced, but it might deteriorate if you drive your vehicle more on rough surfaces and enjoy screeching it to a halt. If your car happens to be new, will that make a different story? I mean, how long do tires last on a new car?

The tires of a brand new car will tend to last for around 7 to 8 years, requiring a replacement after completing the full eight years.You will take the car to an authorized automobile centre to ensure your mobile roadworthy.

In an automobile centre, your car will be checked thoroughly, and the new ones will replace the old, worn-out parts and other changes are required to make your car mobile roadworthy Brisbane. Generally, a pre purchase car inspection Brisbane can prove highly beneficial when planning to buy a car and wondering how long new tires last

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A pre-purchase car inspection means you will get the car checked by efficient technicians or well-equipped mechanics to see if your car is safe enough to drive or if the individual parts used in it are in good condition. It will not only help you be aware of the condition of the car and specifically the quality of the tires but also the longevity of the tires, which forms your main concern.

Now you might wonder how many miles do Michelin tires last?

Michelin tires are considered one of the best for their rigorous testing, innovative functioning, and long treadwear warranties. Michelin tires can last between 47000 to 87000 miles. So, we can assume that a Michelin tire can easily last for 5 to 10 years, but it must be thoroughly checked after at least seven years. 

A lot of times, a tire starts deteriorating way before its warranty period. Automobile engineers think that terrain conditions play a huge role in the longevity of the wheels.Despite the tire being new or branded, the tires will get worn out after a considerable time.Thus, an inspection is a must, especially when the terrain is not suitable for driving your car.

Individuals wonder how many miles should tyres last front wheel drive. 

This has been a genuine concern for many of us. Well, it is usually said that the front tires on a front-wheel drive car can cover around 20,000 miles.

On the other hand, rear tires may be approximately 40,000 miles. Experts recommend not driving your car at high speed as it leads to wearing out the tire. Sometimes, the tire’s alignment must be right, as tires wear out when not aligned evenly. Besides, if a car is too heavy, it tends to affect the tires, making them worn out. These are a few factors that affect the longevity of the tire. 


We tend to pay more heed to the car’s body than the very thing it stands on- tires.

Tires are something that requires proper maintenance and replacement when it wears out. If not replaced, they will affect your driving experience altogether. The better question will be how long can we make the tire last rather than how long should car tires last? It always depends on how well we maintain the car to make its tire last longer.

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