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How damage or improper installation of a windscreen can cause an accident and the proper precautions to take to ensure you pass Mobile Roadworthy Certification.

According to a research study conducted by, a damaged or improperly installed windscreen could potentially cause a hazardous collision. This is because a worn windscreen can decrease visibility immensely which causes the operator of the vehicle to not be able to see a stopped car ahead or any other object on the road. This can be even more debilitating to those who already have weak eyesight including elderly drivers.

Causes of windscreen damage are split into two general groups:

  • Sudden impact
  •  Degradation or wearing over time

In order to avoid damage in avoidable conditions, the following precautions can be employed:

  • Keeping your car away from the sun as much as possible
    Those who live in areas with warmer and sunnier climates know that the sun can be damaging to a windscreen. When subjected to direct sunlight, a windscreen’s edges will heat up quickly, and cause it to either shrink or expand. If the windscreen is already cracked, the crack can lengthen causing more damage. This is why you should try to keep your car in the shade.
  •  Avoid driving on roads with loose gravel, and keep your distance from other cars if it is unavoidable
    Loose gravel can be flung into the air by the tyres of a car and hit the windscreen, potentially causing extensive damage. This is why roads with loose gravel should be avoided, and you should always maintain space between your vehicle and the next.
  •  Get windscreen work done by a professional and credible mechanic
    Non-professional windscreen work can end in an un-fitting windscreen. To avoid this, make sure your mechanic is professional and ensure the windscreen is high-quality glass.
  •  Stop or slow down during a hailstorm
    Hail can be quite damaging to a windscreen. If you are unlucky enough to be caught driving in one, be sure to stop your vehicle or slow down to lessen the force against the hail and decrease the damage done.
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Source: AutoGuru.Com

How can I ensure that I pass my mobile-roadworthy certification?

The requirements for Mobile Roadworthy in Brisbane requires no damage must being present on the windscreen. Ie chips in the area the wipers sweep, cracks, or any other damage likely to obscure the drivers view. This can be done by quickly glancing at the windscreen and making sure the windscreen does not move when pressure is applied. If there is any damage to the windscreen, or it moves when pressure is applied, go to a professional mechanic to re-fit or repair your windscreen.

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