Mobile Roadworthy South Brisbane

Are you looking for mobile roadworthy certificates in South Brisbane?

Sab Safety Certificates provide the safety certificates at your location, ensuring the same delivery with an added feature of providing inspection services at your location. Book your appointment now and ensure that your vehicle is safe for the roads.

Mobile Roadworthy Brisbane


Why Sab Safety Certificates?

The Sab Safety Certificates offer a variety of compelling features:

  1. The same day service option for our customers residing in South Brisbane
  2. Presence of a professional team to inspect your car fully
  3. Affordable rates for service delivery
  4. Handling of all the brands and models of vehicles
  5. A team equipped with the right tools to ensure that your car is safe

Sab Safety Certificate is a renowned brand when it comes to mobile safety certificates in South Brisbane. So, rely on us to get your car inspected.

What is the difference between a Safety Certificate and a Roadworthy?

The safety certificates and the roadworthy certificates are the same things—The only change in the name of these certificates happened during 1999.

The Queensland Department of Transport changed the name of roadworthy certificates to the safety certificates.

What’s included in the inspection?

The mobile roadworthy South Brisbane includes the inspection of the brakes, tires, seating, lights, gear system, and windows.
Also, We will be doing the in-depth engine inspection before we issue the vehicle safety certificate.

Where can you use the roadworthy Certificate in South Brisbane?

You can use the mobile roadworthy certificate in South Brisbane when you want to transfer your car’s ownership, sell a car, or registering your vehicle in another state.

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