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Interior and controls Defined: Explanation and Key Concepts


In the realm of roadworthy certificates, “Interior and controls” encompasses crucial elements within a vehicle that play a pivotal role in ensuring safety, compliance, and overall inspection success.


Interior and controls refer to the internal components and mechanisms of a vehicle, including the dashboard, steering system, pedals, and other features that contribute to its functionality and safety.

Key Features or Components:

Explore the various components that fall under this term, such as the instrument cluster, steering wheel, pedals, and other interior elements that are integral to a vehicle’s operation and safety.

Importance in Roadworthy Certificates:

Understand why a thorough evaluation of the interior and controls is vital for obtaining a roadworthy certificate, emphasizing their direct impact on the vehicle’s overall condition and roadworthiness.

Inspection Criteria:

Delve into the specific criteria inspectors use when assessing the interior and controls during the roadworthy certificate process, shedding light on what elements are scrutinized.

Common Issues and Failures:

Highlight common problems associated with the interior and controls, elucidating how these issues may lead to roadworthy certificate failures and the importance of addressing them promptly.

Maintenance and Repairs:

Offer practical tips and guidance for vehicle owners on maintaining and repairing interior and control components, ensuring a smoother roadworthy certificate process.

Regulations and Standards:

Explore relevant regulations and standards set forth by authorities regarding the interior and controls in the context of roadworthy certificates, providing a comprehensive understanding of compliance requirements.

Examples and Illustrations:

Interior and controls Defined: Explanation and Key Concepts