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During this pandemic and the year 2021, mobile roadworthy mechanics are becoming more and more convenient and time-saving

Forgot to pay your rego and your vehicle registration has been cancelled? Even worse, been pulled over by the police with a hefty $1000 fine for driving an unregistered vehicle? Can’t drive your car as it’s unregistered now? Then you understand the need for a mobile roadworthy mechanic. Whether your vehicle is unregistered, purchased a vehicle from interstate, or are selling your vehicle, a mobile roadworthy mechanic can be extremely useful.

The need for mobile mechanics has been on the rise during this pandemic. In the UK for example, Fixter- a contactless mechanical service provider, has seen a double in bookings since announcing its new contactless repair service. Many began to like this new way of combating COVID-19 while still allowing people to maintain their cars in great condition. Later, a survey released by Fixter, shows 87% believe that contactless repair is an essential business.

Source: thenewsmarket.com

It is quite evident that many have begun to like the idea of mobile roadworthys as they don’t even have to leave their house and aren’t subjecting themselves to Covid-19. What are the other advantages among these?

  • Mobile Roadworthy mechanics are the most convenient way for a car-owner to receive a safety certificate
  •  A Mobile roadworthy inspection can be booked for the same day in most areas.
  •  A mobile roadworthy inspection company is impartial and won’t try to produce extra work or repairs from your vehicle as there is no incentive for doing so. If defects are present, they will simply outline them. No repairs are done by the mobile roadworthy technicians.

The rise of mobile mechanics has made driving miles upon miles to your nearest repair shop unnecessary. All users need to do is book online for a mobile roadworthy or a mobile safety certificate! No need to even leave your couch!

SAB Safety Certificate

Your trusted source for Roadworthy Certificates in Queensland, Australia. We've been ensuring your safety on the road for over a decade. With SAB Safety Certificate, you're in reliable hands.
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