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Demystifying Written Off Vehicle Inspections

What is a written off vehicle inspection?

Written off vehicle inspections are comprehensive vehicle identify checks. They must be carried out on all vehicles classified as repairable or repaired write offs on being re-registered, sold or the registration being changed into another name. These inspections ensure that the identity of the repaired written off vehicle is correct and the vehicle was legitimately a write off. Inspections also check that the vehicle is not stolen vehicle that has been reborn or has stolen parts.

This is different to a safety certificate inspection. A safety certificate inspection just checks that the main safety systems of a vehicle are in working order.

What is a repairable write off? A repairable written off vehicle is a vehicle that has had damage to it and the cost to repair is too high compared to the market value of the vehicle. However, some people buy these cars cheaply, repair them and re-sell them. These are sold a repaired written off vehicles and are generally available for a lower price than a non-written off vehicle.

When do I need a written off vehicle inspection?

You need to get a written off vehicle inspection when you are selling or re-registering a repairable written off vehicle or transferring the registration of one into another name. If you are buying a repaired written off vehicle, you need to make sure the owner has had the inspection completed.

How do I get a written off vehicle inspection?

Queensland Inspection Services is the main authorised written off vehicle inspection provider. They are also recommended by the Department of Transport and Main Roads and have sites across the major QLD metro and regional centres. Waiting times to book in an inspection can vary from a few days to over a month. Keep this in mind if you have a tight timeline to have your inspection done. Inspections normally take a full day to complete, but they may take a bit longer in some cases. You are not allowed to be present at the inspection. It’s a requirement that you drop the vehicle off and the examiner will contact you when it is complete.

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What do I need to take to the inspection?

You need all details of the vehicle at the inspection – the vehicle identification number (VIN), make, model, colour and registration number. In addition, you will need evidence of:

  • Your identity
  •  A current safety certificate (SAB can help with safety certificates, give us a call or book online today)
  •  Proof of purchase or ownership – Receipts for parts or repairs for the vehicle

The owner of the vehicle will ideally need to be present at the inspection and able to provide their ID to confirm they are the owner. If the owner is not able to attend, the person attending must have the proper identification. In a business vehicle situation, the representative must have authority to carry out this business in addition to their ID.

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